Custom Indoor Pool design and construction

Custom indoor swimming pools are unique enjoyment and entertainment venues that offer unlimited recreation irrespective of the weather – a prized situation especially with winter, spring and fall climates that can make many pools unusable. In addition, an indoor pool design offers the capability to integrate the installation with a home’s design, where the pool is an integral design element and contributes to the ambiance, appearance and utility of any residence.

Extensive Choices in Custom Indoor Pool Designs & Applications

Whether you envision a custom indoor pool installation to be as elaborate as an indoor water park, or as functional as an indoor lap pool, there is incredible flexibility within a custom design. Elements such as movable walls can create a hybrid indoor pool that can be enjoyed as an outdoor pool when the weather permits. Amenities such as whirlpools, hot tubs, spas, change rooms, exercise facilities, saunas, wet bars and more can also be added to a custom indoor pool design to further extend the enjoyment and usefulness of the installation.

Understanding requirements of custom indoor pools

Since the swimming pool is within an enclosed space, there are certain functional requirements that must be incorporated into a custom indoor pool’s design and build. This is where Gib-San’s years of expertise in building indoor swimming pools is of utmost importance – you want to preserve not only your pool, but the enclosing space and your home for years to come from the effects of humidity, air flow and air quality – which is why Gib-San’s pool designers and engineers have the experience and expertise to ensure that your custom indoor swimming pool has the functional elements included that will make your recreational environment one that you continue to look forward to for many years to come.

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